6 Things A Man Should Have Before Getting Married.

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Many people get married because they feel their friends are getting married.

Others get married because of the age factor.

But the truth is, age is not a necessary requirement for getting married. They are other important things to have as a man before thinking of getting married or having a successful marriage life. 

Here Are 7 Things A Man Should Have Before Getting Married:

1. A Job Or A Source Of Income.

As a man thinking of getting married, there are some fundamental things you have to secure before building up a family.

Because family requires a lot of bills, and a man is the head of the family, every responsible man should at least provide food on the table.

If a man can’t provide food for his family, that family will live in chaos or hardly have peace.

Before you get married, make sure you have a source of income that will help you to maintain your home and also satisfy some obligation as a man.

It is not a good idea to get married without a source of income as a man. It is best you get something to do before thinking about marriage.

2. The Type Of Woman you need.

Before getting married or choosing a wife, you should have an idea of whom you want. The type of woman of your dream.

This is not a generation where mothers will pick a wife for their son to get married too.

As a man, you need to know what you want in a woman.

3. Maturity.

Marriage is for the strong because it is not a bed of roses, they are always up and down. Once you reach this stage, you have to handle things with maturity.

Marriage is not about age, but how well you can control yourself and make wise decisions when the time comes. Never be a wife beater no matter the condition you find yourself as a man, learn to walk away from things that will make you upset.

Every wife-beater is immature for marriage. You always have an option of walking away, hanging out with friends, once you are a little cool, you can come back to your home.

4. Vision.

Vision is needed in a man, and it is very important that a man should have vision for himself and also his marriage.

Ask yourself where this marriage is heading in 3-5 years to come. Will I be a responsible father after getting married?

You need to have vision as a man because a man with no vision has no plans.

5. Understand The Woman. You Want To Marry And Treat her right.

It is best you build a friendship or relationship with the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you can know their bad side and good.

It is important you know how to treat your woman right before getting married to her.

6. The Zeal To Be Committed.

Build your self-confidence as a man and learn to be committed after marriage.

Many married men still have this habit of having other women even after getting married this bad.

Be ready to give your 100% to your marriage if you want it to work.

You have to be committed to your marriage, your wife and children.

Learn to be committed to one woman before you think of marriage. A cheating husband won’t build a happy home or marriage. You might end up bringing shame to your wife and family.

Learn to be responsible and committed to only one woman before thinking of marriage. As a man, never jump into marriage for the sake of your friends getting married.

Build yourself up. As a man, follow these 6 rules to be a responsible father and husband everyone will be proud of.

Remember, this commitment is the key to a happy relationship or marriage.

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