Your Generation is a Lost Generation – Says Chief Victor Umeh to Young People

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In a personal message sent to me as response to my rebuttal of his (Chief Victor Umeh’s) demand for younger aspirants contesting Anambra Central Senatorial Seat with him in APGA, to go and get a job because they are children, Chief Victor Umeh dimissed young people as a lost generation. In his words, “your generation is an irresponsible generation without any moral upbringing”, among other things.

But he never addressed any issue raised in the originating piece. Instead he insists that, “young people are immature to seek responsible public office” claiming that  “the general public knows”.

I have never read anything more vile and dishonourable to a whole generation of people.

Apparently, Chief Victor Umeh is angry that Uzuegbuna Okagbue is not one of the ‘responsible youths’ by his funny estimation, whom he gives peanuts to buy their consciences.

Otherwise, why should Chief Umeh say that our generation is irresponsible? Unless irresponsibility has now changed meaning, else, it certainly is the case that Chief Victor Umeh reads the courage of young people to fix their country, as irresponsibility.

He surely reads Uzuegbuna Okagbue’s competence and fothrightness as irresponsibility.

I had expected Chief Victor Umeh to come out and address publicly any of the issues raised and point to where I lied against him.

I had thought that Chief Umeh should have come public to address the issues that are not facts which I raised, as they should be addressed. But instead, he preferred to send me a private message insulting my generation and boasting that we will fail on Saturday.

In any case, Chief Umeh’s response must be instructive to his young followers.

What he thinks of them all, is that they are “irresponsible” and therefore of no use.

It is shocking that a man of Chief Umeh’s standing can dismiss a whole generation as “irresponsible”, just because he feels entitled to APGA’s ticket and Senate.

Chief Sir Victor Umeh has again, exposed himself as unfit for the position he aspires.

APGA delegates must make a bold statement to show that we are seriously determined to take back our constituency.

See screen shot below.

Your Generation is a Lost Generation - Says Chief Victor Umeh to Young People

Chief Victor Umeh will be served accordingly, by APGA delegates on Saturday.

Ebuka Onyekwelu,

Director of Media, and Spokesman,

Uzuegbuna Okagbue’s Campaign

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