Security Agencies Brings in Mercenaries to Destroy The South East and Then Blame Us. – IPOB Alleges

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), hinted Wednesday that the Nigerian security operatives use condemned and hardened criminals to destroy Biafran land and turn around to blame it on IPOB for the destruction.

This hint was given by the IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, while reacting to the incessant destructions currently going on in the Southeast zone especially Imo State and environs stating that the criminal activities by Nigeria police in Imo State have got to alarming stage.

His words, “the Commissioner of police in Imo State and his men equip detained and condemned hardened criminals in the prison yards, give them guns to go and rob the public and bring back the money gotten for sharing with the criminals and they will tag them ESN and IPOB only to tarnish IPOB reputation.”

“Our intelligence unit, the M.Branch uncovovered this wicked act of police in Biafraland. IPOB is raising alarm for the world to know.

We have repeatedly said that IPOB is not responsible for the killings and criminalities going on in Imo State and entire region but myopic and gullible minds don’t want to believe us.

The Kidnappings and car snatchings going on in Imo State and Eastern region are masterminded by Nigeria Government and its security agencies especially police, DSS and army”.

“Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen will put on Nigeria security uniforms and commit all sorts of crimes in the region particularly in Imo State and Anambra State.

Most of the atrocities committed and criminal activities going on within the region must be traced to the Nigeria compromised and two faced security agents.

After using the criminals, thereafter, the Nigeria security agents especially the police and army share the bounty these criminals collected from innocent citizens of the East. The order given to these condemned criminals is:

If you are killed during the operation, you on your own but if you are back you are welcomed; if you are caught and brought back we send you back to the station, you are safe.”

“When they kill these criminals to hide their evil deeds, they tag them ESN or IPOB. We can autotritatively say that a case of one Mr Solomon from a known criminal from Izombe in Oguta LGA who has been working for police and military, doing dirty jobs for them but unfortunately the community apprehended him and handed him over to police, the police killed him and tagged him ESN because they thought that he will expose them.

The Military in the town is extrajudicially killing whoever they suspect that will expose them and tag him or her ESN or IPOB member”.

“We are calling on Governors and other politicians to call police Commissioners in their respective states to order and stop them from the evil they are embarking on.

We want Igbo Governors to investigate what we are saying and confirm that we are telling them the truth.

Please let’s not get deceived by the propaganda and lies by security agencies. They are part and parcel of the happenings in our land,”.

“The general public must understand that IPOB has no hands in all these atrocities going on in our territory.

We remain a peaceful movement committed to Biafra restoration. If IPOB were to be violent and want to destroy any state, why must it be Anambra State? What will be our gain if Anambra is destroyed the way things are happening there now?

The enemies who are not happy with Gov. Chukwuma Soludo for showing genuine commitment to developing Igbo land want to use these atrocities to set him against IPOB by creating the wrong impression that IPOB is the one behind the abominable things in his state.

Our people should be wiser and understand the antics of our enemies”.

“For the records, IPOB M.Branch also discovered that the failed attempt by Nigeria police in Imo State to bomb Addax Flow station will also be tagged that it was done by IPOB/ESN.

The man with the explosive to bomb the oil flow station died when the bomb exploded on the way to the flow station, otherwise they would have tagged him IPOB/ESN”, he revealed.

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