World Smallest Country With Only 35 Citizen In It.

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The world’s smallest country comprises only 33 people and is situated 6.3 acres.

All know that India and China are counted in most of the world’s most populous countries.

According to an estimate, China’s population is 1.4 and India’s 1.3 billion, But do you also know what the world’s smallest country is, and its population is populated.

Do you believe there is such a tiny country in the world?

The total population of the country is only 33 people.

The wife of the President has multiple duties and shoulders important responsibilities.

This country is called the Republic of Molossia. It was founded in 1977. There are only 6 people in the country and the land area is 0.025 square kilometers. It is the smallest country in the world.

Though hard to believe, the Republic of Molossia has quietly been an official, independent, sovereign nation for forty years.

The president, Kevin Baugh, and his wife/first lady, declared a micronation right in the heart of Dayton, Nevada all the way back in 1977.

Molossia does not pay taxes, and has its own currency printed ok poker chips.

There is an official language, national anthem, bank, railroad, post office and war office too.

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