2 Countries In The World Where Divorce is Not Allowed

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In so many countries divorce have been the order of the day from couple getting divorced for cheating, lying and other things, but here in this countries no matter get crime committed by your spouse you are not permitted to get divorced because the country’s law do not allow it.

So today I will be showing you two countries that does not accept divorce

1. Vatican City

2 Countries In The World Where Divorce is Not Allowed

The smallest country in the world and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City, surrounded by the Republic of Italy, is one of the two countries in the world that does not currently allow its citizen to divorce. The other one being Philippines.

2. Philippines

2 Countries In The World Where Divorce is Not Allowed

Nestled between Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China, the Republic of the Philippines is an island nation found in the Southeastern Asia.

A predominantly Roman Catholic nation, Philippines is currently one of the only two independent nations in the globe that does not allow divorce as a means to end a marriage, and as such a married couple cannot end their marriage by law.

Philippine law does not currently give room for divorce inside the nation since 1954, and it is currently the only member state of the United Nation without legal provision for divorce.

However, the only available way for a couple to put an end to a marriage in the Asian country is through annulment. This annulment method suggests that marriage is invalid at its beginning.

A marriage may be ended this way if the marriage does not totally meet all of the legality of requirements, such as wrong agreement or action by the clergy.

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