Someone in EFCC Told Me That The Accountant General Stole More Than 80 Billion Naira – Babajide Otitoju

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The arrest of the Accountant General of the federation by EFFC was one of the topics discussed by Babajide Kolade Otitoju and other journalists on journalist hangout, in the course of the discussion Babajide revealed that the money stolen by the AGF is actually more than N80 billion, he was also surprised that the AGF had to steal that large of amount of money before he was eventually arrested by EFCC. Read more on what Babajide Kolade Otitoju said below.”In the course of my investigation I was told that it is actually higher than N80 billion and the person who spoke to me is in the EFCC, he is somebody that I trust so much, he told me that the money is actually higher than N80 billion.

When the EFCC is talking they are saying at least and when you say at least it means you have left something that can be called an open ended thing, it means it cannot be less than N80 billion but it could be greater.

My source told me that with time we will discover more.

We have been reading stories that they have now discovered some fresh heist committed by an accountant general that the president extended his stay, which means that the extension afforded him more time to steal money.

For a government to arrest it’s accountant general that should tell you the level of the rot, that should tell you we are in trouble as a country, big trouble, because only one individual stole N80 billion.

We have not done enough in terms of the war against corruption, war against corruption should not simply be about arresting people, it should be about stopping people from being able to steal at all.

A system that allows that kind of money to get away is a terrible system, Nigeria must make it impossible for people to steal this kind of money, we don’t punish but we allow people get away with stealing us blind”.

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