WHY MY ORGANIZATION IS BACKING PETER OBI Evang. Comrade Christian Okorie, National Coordinator Winners Vision Care Initiatives a.k.a. Operation 5 Million Man Movement.

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By Don Peter Okoro.

“The movement which is reputed to be one of the largest Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria is presently doing massive grassroot mobilization for The Obi/ Datti Presidential Mandate”, according to Comrade Christian Okorie.

Asked to describe the reception accorded Peter Obi upon arrival at Nnewi, Comrade Christian Okorie replied: ” There was an unusual and unprecedented turnout of people. The whole of Nnewi, Anambra and South East stood still for him. All the Markets closed down. The crowd was so massive.

This man called Peter Obi is highly favoured. Everywhere was jam-packed, people had to climb buildings to see the man talking. There was an unusual traffic in all the roads in Nnewi and environs as a result of his arrival.

The turnout was very amazing.”. On the Message Peter Obi brought, he replied: “Peter Obi as a person is a man of high intellect, he is a man of courage and vision. His vision is a hope to Nigerians. Among the many things he said is that once he becomes the President of Nigeria, any container of goods that arrive from overseas to the Nigerian Seaports must be cleared within two weeks, if not,such container will be cleared Free of Charge. In other words, instead of wasting 6 months,1year, 2 years and more and later auctioning the goods, as is the order of the day in this present administration, he said, no container will stay in the Wharf for more than 2 weeks. He said he is going to make the lives of Nigerians better.

He also said that among the ruling clan are people who have been there before the civil war and the other Presidential Candidates are old people who were there before the war, but he and Datti, his Vice Presidential Candidate, and the Labour Party Chairman, are of the average age of 55 years, while others are 75 years average.

So, he wants the youths to take over the Leadership of the country. One of the important things he also said is that we should vote for someone who will use public fund for public development and not for personal purpose.

In fact, we have hope that through Peter Obi,a New Nigeria is possible and that is where we are heading to come 25th of February 2023.” On what he is telling Nigerians, Anambrarians and Nnewians concerning the next election, Comrade Okorie replied:” As the head of a renowned Organization, my advice is that everyone should come out enmass to vote especially at the Presidential election.

Vote for Peter Obi of Labour Party. The number of persons that will not vote Labour Party at the Presidential level, will determine the number of wicked people in Nigeria. Thank you.”

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