Why I Told My Fellow Igbo’s to Vote For Tinubu – Chief Solomon Aguene

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According to Bellnews, Chief Solomon Aguene, President of the Lagos State chapter of Ndigbo, denies the claimed attack on Igbo obtaining permanent voter cards in Ojo and Festac and discusses the bond between the Igbo and their host community.

In a recent Interview, Chief Solomon Aguene, the Igbo leader said; “As a leader, I guided everyone via the APC since we didn’t get it right before when we were little.

Now the Igbo are benefiting in government, and we’re closer to the government of the day since I’ve lived in Lagos since 1981.

“That’s my advise to the Igbo. You can’t force someone; you can’t take a horse to the sea and make it drink, but the majority and most influential Igbo in Lagos are for APC.

I may not know our national political identity, but I can speak about Lagos, where most Ndigbo live.

In practically every Nigerian state, we know what the government is about. We know the ruling party, so we must follow”

This is how they’ve spread misinformation and played tribal politics against their host, Sir Bola Tinubu.

Their carelessness and ignorance affected both Elites and locals. Those who live in Tinubu’s state and region are making noise against him, hoping it will stop the impending president. They did the same to Buhari and criticized his tribe, but he won.

When Tinubu and his people were attempting to make Lagos the center of Nigerian commerce, these enemies flocked from Numbers to Lagos, which they consider as their small London.

Without Lagos, they can’t survive. Yet they speak ill of someone who helped them escape mysterious Gunmen.

What about live assaults from Lagos pooling centers? We must stand on the truth, not lies.

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