What To Do When Checking Into A Hotel Room To Ensure Your Safety.

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This article is aimed at enlightening people on some vital protocols to observe while checking into a hotel room.

They might look common but some persons have been victims of ignorance to some of these things, as some have contracted terrible diseases, some have been ignorantly incriminated, etc.

Here are five things to do once you check-in a hotel room:

1.) First of all, thoroughly checked around the room for items that might be incriminating:

This is because you can’t be too certain of the activity of the previous customer.

A lot of activities go on in the hotel room both legal and illegal and one has to be very vigilant not to be incriminated ignorantly.

A lot of innocent persons have been to prisons because of this particular reasons.

Some places to check are the wardrobe, under the bed, around the fridge and chairs, etc.

2.) Always disinfect the facilities in the room:

Obviously, the health situation of customers are not really considered when receiving them and a hotel is one of the places people easily contract diseases.

Facilities like the television remote control, door, fridge and tap handles should be disinfect because these are places the previous customer is likely to have touched. If possible, insist that the room is fleet before you use it.

3.) Inspect your bedding to be sure is clean:

Most times people are deceived by mere looking at the bedding perhaps because it looks clean.

In cases of influx of customers, there might be time constraint for the hotel stewards to careful tidy up the room as far as changing the bedding because that’s the right thing.

To be safe, insist that a new bedding is brought to you before you lay on bed.

4.) Drink out of hotel water glasses: Please as much as you can try to avoid this.

For instance, if a tuberculosis patient uses the water glass and one uses the same water glass without proper washing or treatment, the possibility of contracting it is high and it’s a risk.

One can’t be too sure of the health condition of the previous customer. To be on safe side, drink directly from cans of possible.

5.) Avoid using the bathroom tub:

Some persons see it as fun or even the reason why they paid for the room. Have you wondered the health condition of the previous customer? Do you know if it (bathtub) was thoroughly washed? The easiest way to contract infection is via genital organs and using the bathtub is one of the easiest way.

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