We Must Avoid Any Repetition of Ethnic Clash Between The South and The North – Sheikh Gumi

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Sheikh Gumi has given his take on the Amotekun Security Network operating in the South-West region of Nigeria. According to Cleric, this security agency is currently unconstitutional in the law of Nigeria.

He also disclosed that their action in restricting the movement of Fulani Herdsmen could be misunderstood by the people in the North.

The Cleric stated that not all Fulani Herdsmen are terrorists and that the Amotekun security Network should be working alongside the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian Army.

He said the Amotekun activity is a time bomb that could cause ethnic clashes in Nigeria. According to him, Nigeria has to avoid any repetition of an ethnic clash between the North and the South.

What sheikh Gumi is implying is that War has to be avoided by both regions. But l think the works of Amotekun in the South-West is to fight against Fulani Herdsmen Terrorist.

They are protecting the West and Gumi should understand this point, they can’t leave their people’s lives in danger.

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