We Cannot Endorse a Stark Ilitrate in the name of APGA- Nnewi Traditional Ruler Reacts to Publication 

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-Igwe Nnewi Did not delegate Ubajaka to represent him- Igwe’s Son

A popular traditional ruler in Nnewi has condemned the publication going round that Nnewi Stakeholders endorsed Comr. Peter Nwosu of APGA, for Anambra State House of Assembly. According to him, we cannot endorsed an ilitrate in the name of APGA

Another Traditiinal Ruler reacted that he made it clear during the meeting to Chris Obiora KSJI that there’s a difference between APGA stakeholders and Nnewi Stakeholders and told him that Nnewi Stakeholders cannot be called in Nnewi North LGA in the first place and assured them that come what may, that Sir, Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike-Ikedoji KSJI of YPP is the popular choice and most qualified for the job and Nnewi People are voting him.

Igwe Nnewi ‘s son who spoke in condition of anonymity said that he is disappointed with the level of desperation in Patrick Ubajaka the said leader of APGA that he has to drag his father’s name into partisan politics. He made it clear to the Public that Igwe Nnewi did not send Patrick Ubajaka to represent him in the purported Stakeholders meeting as Igwe had immediate family member who represent him in public function. He ended up by saying that Sir, Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike-Ikedoji is a golden son and friend of Igwe Nnewi Royal Family.

Stay with us as more critical stakeholders react to the unfortunate media publication

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