Types Of Meats That May Worsen Your Blood Cho

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Bad Cholesterol in the blood is one of the major causes of heart issues and even by extension stroke in some cases.

This is because when the arteries get clogged with fatty deposits, in the long run they may start interfering with the flow of blood to the brain and many other parts of the body.

When there is slight to serious blood deprivation from the brain cells, they start dying and stroke happens.

In this article in line with a publication on Cleveland Clinic, we are going to have a look at some types of meats that may worsen your blood cholesterol level. Keep on reading and explore new knowledge.

What Are The Types Of Meats That May Worsen Your Blood Cholesterol Level?

1. Red Meats: this type of meat contains saturated fats and as such, considered Unhealthy for the body due to the fact that it raises blood cholesterol level.

If for any reason you have some health issues like heart problems or have suffered stroke in the past, it’s very important to avoid red meat completely.

2. Processed meats: such hot dogs also contain saturated fats which makes them completely unhealthy for people who have cholesterol concerns.

If you don’t want cholesterol to build up on your blood, then it is advisable for you to stay away from processed meats and consume more of lean meats such the ones with less fat and also completely abstain from processed foods because they raise risk of blood cholesterol buildup.

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