Tinubu Warns NLC: "You Are Not the Sole Voice of Nigerians"

Tinubu Warns NLC: “You Are Not the Sole Voice of Nigerians”

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During the inauguration of the Red Line Rail Project in Lagos on Thursday, Nigerian leader Bola Tinubu issued a stern warning to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC). He cautioned against using human rights as a pretext to incite unrest amidst ongoing demonstrations across the country over economic hardships.

Addressing the gathering, Tinubu emphasized, “You are not the only voice Nigeria has.”

The warning comes in the wake of NLC members staging demonstrations nationwide earlier in the week to protest rising commodity prices and other economic challenges in Nigeria.

While commending Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the Red Line project and extending regards to dignitaries present, Tinubu acknowledged the widespread grievances over economic difficulties.

In a direct message to the Labour Union, Tinubu urged restraint and reminded them of the democratic process. He stated, “If you want to participate in the electoral process, meet us in 2027. If not, maintain peace. You are not the only voice of Nigeria.”

Despite the challenges, Tinubu reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to combating corruption and ensuring accountability in the public sector. He underscored the importance of prioritizing people in governance for the success of democracy.

The commissioning of the Red Line marked a significant milestone for Tinubu, reflecting a vision he nurtured 25 years ago during his tenure as governor of the state. He called for increased collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and other states to advance railway infrastructure development nationwide.

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