Labour Party Vows to Continue Pushing for Better Nigeria, Eyes Government Takeover

Labour Party Vows to Continue Pushing for Better Nigeria, Eyes Government Takeover

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The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Julius Abure, has affirmed the party’s commitment to relentlessly pursue a brighter future for Nigeria until it secures the mandate of the people to deliver quality governance.

Speaking to journalists in Umuahia, Abia State, after a crucial meeting of the LP’s National Working Committee (NWC) with Governor Alex Otti, Abure lamented the dire state of affairs in Nigeria, particularly following the removal of fuel subsidy by the APC-led Government.

Expressing concern over the prevailing poverty amidst abundance in the country, Abure pledged that the LP, as a credible opposition, would remain vigilant for the interests of the masses until it assumes power in future elections.

“We will not relent until we assume government leadership and provide the populace with quality governance,” Abure stated. “The current situation in Nigeria is unacceptable. Our nation, rich in resources, sees its citizens grappling with severe poverty due to ineffective leadership.”

Highlighting the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and the daunting security challenges facing the nation, Abure underscored the urgent need for a leadership overhaul to address these pressing issues.

“We envision a new Nigeria where the people no longer suffer needlessly amidst abundance,” Abure emphasized. “We are committed to fighting poverty and hunger, empathizing with the people, and liberating them from their hardships.”

Despite facing persecution for leading a party that champions the interests of the masses, Abure remained resolute, asserting that the LP would continue to provide a credible alternative to the people.

“In the 2023 general elections, we made significant strides as the opposition, altering the political landscape in Nigeria,” Abure recalled. “Despite facing various challenges and instigations, we have persevered. We will not be swayed; we will persist in our quest to provide principled leadership for the nation.”

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