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By Don Peter Okoro.

The CEO of Sweethome Africa Humanitarian Foundation, Rev. Dr. Austine Ifeanyi Epunam has debunked the news making rounds on the Social Media that the Aso Villa Chapel will soon be shut down as a result of the Muslim– Muslim Ticket of the In Coming Bola Tinubu’s Administration.

He described the rumour as:”Unfounded, baseless and the figment of the imagination of some mischievous and unscrupulous elements.” Speaking in an exclusive interview on the matter, Rev. Epunam stated that it was in the bid for Justice and Spiritual Balance to reign in Aso Rock Presidential Villa that the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR, painstakingly built the Aso Rock Villa Chapel with the support of the Private Sector.

He added that:”All the Alters in the Villa, both the Mosques and the Christian Chapel have all come to stay for the Spiritual Services of our Nation and her citizens especially the Residents of the State House.”

He commended the past and present Chaplains of the Villa Chapel including: Pastor Yusuf Obaje, Rev. Dr. William Okoye Ven. Obioma Onwuzulumba and Barr. Seyi Malomo. Rev Epunam recalled joining the Chaplaincy of the Villa Chapel arm of Prayer in June 2005, that is:The National Prayer Network with his Foundation.

This happened shortly after he came back from Germany when the then President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo visited Germany where he was busy with his Social Services to Africans in European prisons, when Chief Obasanjo came and woed Nigerians to come back home and assist in his Governmental Projects.

Delving into details on the workings of the Aso Rock Villa Chapel, Rev. Epunam explained:”This Prayer Group which is headed by a selfless Nigerian, by name Pastor Andrew Omale have been conducting series of Prayers for the New Nigeria which is being birthed right now.

This prayer has been going on for years on a daily basis with the National flag and Coat of Arms in place. Praying for a Nigeria where corruption , injustice, indiscipline, and bad leadership would be a thing of the past, with evil exposed and openly rebuked and rejected in the society.”. Speaking further, he posited:”Our revolutionary prayers have it’s base at the Aso Rock Chapel and the National Ecumenical Centre Tower at Area11 Abuja FCT. Towards the end of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure, our Foundation which publishes the SweetHome News-Magazine in collaboration with the Presidency, came up with an Edition Titled: “Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR and John K. Okpara, Architects Of Spiritual Transformation In Nigeria.”

This was in recognition of the efforts they made in putting up that beautiful edifice called Aso Rock Villa Chapel; before then, Aso Rock Villa did not have a single place of worship for Christians. So, anyone who knows the history and story behind the Aso Villa Chapel cannot open his mouth and speak lightly of the place.

It took a lot of Presidential and Spiritual stamina to build the Chapel and for people to start worshipping there and it is not a place that can be easily shut down.” In conclusion, Rev

Dr. Austine Epunam who is equally the National Champion of the OCI Foundation which is fighting against Breast and Cervical Cancer in Nigeria and beyond said: “I call on all our beloved patriotic country men and women not to allow religion and ethnicity being used by Politicians to divide us.

We should all stand firm in defence of the fatherland and to eschew all forms of divisive tendencies, because if Nigeria gets better, it is for the good of all tribes and religions. My advice is for all Nigerians to get ready for the New Nigeria that is coming up speedily. We rise by lifting others.”

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