Stinginess Is Not The Right Word For Peter Obi – Pastor Ugochukwu Anike Clearifies

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Pastor Ugochukwu Anike, founder and senior pastor of Censers Church Inc. has in a video uploaded on his official Facebook account a few hours ago, clarified that the right word for Peter Obi is not “stingy”.

According to the cleric, there is no place for a stingy man in the covenant.

But it is expedient that we differentiate between frugality and stinginess because both are not the same.

Pastor Ugochukwu clarified that stinginess means you do not spend at all, even on the necessary things, but on the contrary, frugality means you spend only on necessary things.

The clergyman clarified that he would say that Peter Obi, presidential candidate for the Labour Party, is not stingy.

He said Peter Obi is only frugal but not stingy because it is not that he is not spending at all. He spends, but only on necessary things.

He said, assuming Peter Obi is stingy, he shouldn’t have come to rule this nation.

He added that the proof that he is not stingy but frugal was the fact that he has donated several hundred of millions to build schools.

He concluded that Peter Obi gives but only to the necessary places, and according to Pastor Ugochukwu, that is what Nigerians need.

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