Fr. Mbaka Begs Peter Obi and Supporters Gives Reason He Made Stinginess Statement.

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The Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a fiery Enugu Catholic priest, has apologized and prayed that Labour Party Presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi will never become Nigeria’s president.

Fr. Mbaka issued an apology after claiming that Peter Obi could never be president of Nigeria.

During his most recent sermon at the adoration ground, he stated that unless God ceases to exist, Obi would never smell the seat of president, and that it is preferable to have an old man as president rather than a “stingy young man.”

The priest’s remark elicited various responses from Nigerians, who accused him of hating Peter Obi for refusing to donate to his church.

However, in a statement he personally signed, the clergyman stated that he did not intend to tarnish His Excellency, Peter Obi’s reputation, but rather to pray for him.

As a result, he apologized to Peter Obi and his followers and prayed that God would bless them.

“I am a servant of God, and my purpose is not to battle or tarnish the image of His Excellency, Peter Obi, but to pray for him.” May his life be guided by God’s will.

“Peter Obi is and remains my friend and brother, and I wish him success. I support whoever God chooses to be our leader.

In this spirit, I extend my best wishes to Peter Obi and his supporters.”

“The Peter Obi Supporters are the same youths I am praying for, sacrificing for, battling for, advocating for, and working for their overall well-being.

“I am not affiliated with any political party, but I support decent individuals and excellent administration.

“My preferred candidate is any excellent person God can provide for us. I am a servant of God; for the sake of peace, I beg pardon for any misunderstandings.

I pray that God will bless Peter Obi and manifest his will in his life. Who can say no when God says yes? Who can say yes when God says no? I bless and pray for Peter Obi

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