Soludo’s speech creates a visual image, evokes emotion, and instills laudable hope

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

At the 2024 Sisters Fellowship International Convention, Soludo delivered an exceptional speech that left a deep impact on the congregation. In his 30-minute podium time, his storytelling was an inspiring message about the power of “I can do” and “ecumenism.”

Soludo’s wealth of experience in rebuilding states that are on the brink of collapse touched many hearts, as he vividly painted a picture of his challenges and triumphs while serving Nigeria at the National level.

His ability to create a visual image, evoke emotions, and inspire thoughtfulness is worthy of admiration. He reminded the audience that with focus, commitment, and perseverance, he was able to surmount any obstacle and achieve his goals as a public servant.

In Anambra, Soludo as a Governor has encountered significant challenges, yet he has demonstrated resourcefulness and determination and has provided effective solutions in his second year in office with limited resources and without resorting to borrowing.

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