See the two African Countries that were not colonised during the colonial era.

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Colonization is the discovery, conquest and settlement of a group over another. This happens when one country takes over the lands and people of another country and create their own Government.

During the period of rapid colonization known as “Scramble for Africa” which lasted from 1890 – 1914, most African countries were colonized by the European Nations such as Spain, Dutch, France, England, Germany and Italy.

Ethiopia and Liberia were not colonised because of their location, economic viability and unity. They were founded by America as a place to send the free black people.They had foreign control during their early histories but they later liberated themselves.


America founded this country in 1821, by 1896, it officially recognized itself as being independent after it prevented the Italian Forces from invading its territory.


It was also founded by America in 1821 and was under their control. In 1839, they had partial independence and in 1847 they declared themselves a completely independent Nation.

The Portuguese, Dutch and Britain Maintained a business relationship with Liberia but could not colonised it.

The administration of these two countries was taken over by the free black people America had sent there.


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