Rev. Fr. Augustine Abiagom Sends Strong Message to Bandits and Kidnappers.

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Reverend Father Augustine Abiagom, in a recent post, commented on the recent murder of some Catholic priests by bandits and terrorists. He titled it “Kill All Of Us.”

Reverend Father Augustine said that in recent times we wake up to the news that one Catholic priest or another has been abducted or killed in Nigeria. Not to mention the hundreds of civilians who are killed or kidnapped in churches, farms and villages in mostly the Northern part of the country.

Unfortunately, this has become a tradition and everywhere often seems to be quiet. Tomorrow, people will still go about their normal business, politicians will continue their campaigns and what have you, as though nothing happened.

He then posits this question to the leaders in Nigeria: “Imagine that ‘Imams’ are being killed and kidnapped on daily basis by the faceless groups we call bandits, and mosques are being attacked during Jumat services, with several worshippers shot dead, will the bandit groups and kidnappers still be in existence in today’s Nigeria?”

According to him, this is total nonsense. How can we have people in government and the so-called one of the strongest military in Africa and our nation have been overtaken by bandits? How come it is more difficult to import rice into Nigeria than for bandits to import guns and distribute among themselves, going on a killing jamboree? He said that it is clear that evil has been deliberately unleashed upon us.

Finally, he said that since the bandits and kidnappers are faceless, those whom we have at the helm of affairs in the nation (the key members of the executive, judiciary and the legislature), are to be held responsible for all the atrocities of deaths and kidnappings carried out by terrorists, bandits and kidnappers alike.

“Kill all of us! If that will make you happy! It is a sad reality to be called a Nigerian today! The labours of our heroes past are fast becoming in vain, if not already in vain,” he said.

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