Reasons Why Divorce Cases Is On The Rise In Nigeria

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Hello readers, Today we are going to discuss on the reason why we are experiencing divorce cases in Nigeria much more than we did in the past decades.

Marriage is a beautiful thing if you find the perfect partner in your life. Marriage can also be sour if you go for looks over what your heart desires.

Today in Nigeria, the case of divorce between couples especially newly wedded is on the rise which makes us keep wondering why someone will spend so much on their wedding just to get divorced weeks after the wedding which lead us to the aim of the reason for the research.

Here are some reason we collected from individuals after an open interview on some of the streets of Lagos State, Nigeria.

1. “Men cheat on their faithful wife because they don’t have the fear of God in them and respect for their wife and as we all know, cheating is one of the main reason for every marriage breakdown” – Mrs Miriam.

2. “Real love is not valued or even seen anymore. They just want to get marred by any means especially when money is involved. Money controls everything now” – Mrs Juliet.

3. “Marrying with hidden motives and agenda. When people get married just to reach to their personal needs’ -Mr George.

4. “Poor upbringing by parents. When a problem comes up in the marriage, couples rely on their own wisdom and other bad associate to settle it” – Mr Bernard.

5. “Because gender equality have entered marriage forgetting it only works for politics” – Mrs Joy.

6. “Women don’t want to submit to their husband” – Mr John.

7. “Men now marry because of what they see like beauty and Women marry because of material things” – Mr Ali.

8. “Lack of trust and communication. Getting married for the wrong reasons” – Mrs Chi.


These are some of the reason we were able to collect from our interviews. Tell us your own reason in the comment section below.

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Lagos State

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