Reason Why Belching Is Good For The Body.

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Belching is the process of expelling excess air from the body through the mouth usually when the stomach distends or expands.

When we eat food or drink any liquid, air is taken along into the digestive system. It doesn’t reach the stomach but gets accumulated in the esophagus and will later find it’s way out through the mouth.


1) Eating food fast

2) Talking while eating

3) Gulping while drinking any liquid

4) Sucking on hard candies

5) Chewing gum

6) Smoking

7) Drinking carbonated beverages

8) Anxiety

9) Drinking through a straw

10) Eating food high in starch, sugar and fiber, eg beans, onions, banana, broccoli, etc.

The presence of this air in the body causes;

– Abdominal Pain

– Bloating

– Discomfort

The body gets relieved by expelling it through the mouth.

However, when a person belches more than normal, it indicates an underlying illness and it’s advisable to visit a medical Doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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