2 Reasons Why Doctors Wear Green or Blue Attire During Operation

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Have you ever wondered why doctors and surgeons dress in green or blue gowns when performing surgery?

It is done for a reason, and by reason, I mean a medical one. It is not merely a trend or a nice outfit.

If you’ve ever visited a hospital, you’ll agree, because as the saying goes, knowledge without application is useless. In the next paragraphs, we will talk about that topic.

We are going to have a look at the one reason why doctors wear green or blue gowns while operating, as was mentioned before in the introduction.

If you have been pondering the reasons behind a, then your concerns can be put to rest now that you are going to be given the facts.

According to webmd, Wearing green or blue clothing during an operation or surgical procedure improves the patient’s ability to see clearly.

When the surgeon or doctors concentrates on the color red for a lengthy amount of time, this causes the red signal in the brain to weaken, which in turn makes it difficult for the doctor to perceive the anatomy of the patient’s body in its entirety.

Because blue and green are two colors that aid improve visual acuity (as opposed to red), doctors like to use them when they are working in the emergency room.

The solution is that doctors need to look at other colors more regularly to help improve the visual acuity.

Second, it aids surgeons in reducing the likelihood of mistakes during surgery.

When a person’s visual acuity improves as a result of seeing blue or green, this will make it easier for them to be sensitive to the many different shades of red, hence minimizing the likelihood that mistakes will be made during an operation or surgery.

To put it another way, the ability of a doctor’s eye to perceive green or blue would make it more sensitive to differences in red, making it easier for the doctor to analyze the anatomy of a patient’s body and making it less likely that mistakes will be made.

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