Reaction as Chief Atuenyi Calls on Nigerian Army to Recruit Politician Sons

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Maj. Gen. Mohammed Jallo informed Nigerians of the shortage of man power as Youths are no longer interested in joining the Nigerian Army.

In reaction one of the prominent Nigerian Youth based in the United Kingdom; Chief Ernest Atuenyi call on the Nigerian Army to recruit the sons of politicians since we are having political unrest.

Recall that Nigerian Army use to be one of the prestigious job opportunities in Nigeria before the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari. However, following the rise in insecurity the Youths are gradually becoming sympathetic to the cry of the marginalized agitators while others view joining the army as death wish.

Reacting to the position of Ernest Atuenyi A.K.A Alive Nwachinagbaluogu in WhatsApp platform some participants in a private chat made it clear that nobody from their generation will join the Nigerian Army. from the sampled opinion predicts that in five years time people will not be available for recruitment not just in the Army, but in the Nigerian security in general.

Do you agree with Chief Atuenyi that each politician’s son be compelled to join the Nigerian Army?

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