Nigerian Army Handicapped Because Citizens Refuse to Be Recruited – Maj. Gen. Mohammed Jallo

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Director of manpower planning, army Headquarters, Major General Mohammed Jallo has stated that the Nigerian army is handicapped at the moment in its recruitment exercises as the citizens are not coming forward to be recruited.

According to Jallo, the Nigerian army has observed low turnout in its recruitment exercises in recent times especially in the South South, the Southeast and the Southwestern regions. Jallo stressed that the low turnout of people in the recruitment has become a major concern.

In his words, Jallo stated “the army is handicapped because citizens are not coming forward to be recruited”.

Maj. Gen Jallo noted that every region and every state is expected to have a certain number of men, women recruited into the Nigerian army and it has become a major concern that some states are not meeting up.

Maj Gen Jallo made this remark during his speech between the 3rd and 4th minute when he met the Rivers state government in Port Harcourt.

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