Press Release: We Own not Ikedoji Says Barr. Daniel Moses.

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The owners of wish to let the public know that they have bought over the assets and liabilities of RBMSS LTD; Publishers of over six months ago and will not be held liable for the consequences that follows contacting Sir, Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike-Ikedoji the former owner of the franchise.

Daniel Moses Esq, further told pressmen and the general public they have long changed the address of the company acquired in conjunction with a United Kingdom based online digital firm and they are making effort to rebrand the company immediately they are through fresh recruitments and other related legal matters. According to another Kaduna State based owner, Gwaza, our contact address is the website and we retained most of the old staff of the company like Wizzy Wize on the grounds of their efficiency.

Therefore, the House of Assembly Member Elect for Nnewi North Constituency Anambra State House of Assembly do not have further business with and the general public should only contact for their correspondences.

Daniel Moses Esq


Gwaza E


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