Politicians Should Not Be Richer Than Business Men – Peter Obi

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has said that it would be fatal for a country if politicians are richer than business people.

He said this while speaking to Nigerians in Manchester on the topic of moving the country from consumption to production. According to Peter Obi, one of the steps in moving the country to a productive nation is by putting an end to corruption.

He spoke about the concept of people being wealthy without any traceable source of income. He said that one can’t have wealth without an enterprise and a country where people with political titles are richer than business people would collapse.

He said;

“So when we talk about production, the country must be productive. And what does it take to make it productive? It’s a simple thing! By the time we stop corruption like I said in Oxford yesterday that any country where people who are in political office like myself is richer than people who are business people, the country will collapse.

You can’t have wealth without enterprise. Anybody here that is rich in this Manchester you know what he’s doing for a living. You cannot be rich without anybody knowing what you’re doing.

In Nigeria, people are rich without having a daytime job, without having a factory, without having an office. What do you do? Nobody knows.”

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