Nigerians Fume Over King Charles’ Refusal To Shake A Black Man (Video)

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Some Nigerians have expressed displeasure over the action of the newly crowned King of England, King Charles III, towards a black man during his mother’s burial. reports that in the video which has gone viral, King Charles was seen avoiding giving a handshake to a black man who was among the crowd at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral on Monday, 19th September.

The act sparked outrage on social media with many people questioning what the black man was doing at the event.

While some claimed it was not a deliberate gesture from the King, others opined that the new King might be a staunch ‘Racist’.

crd_liveth wrote: “Not a mistake. He did it deliberately. Even when the man was still trying to hold onto his hand, u can see he waved him reluctantly. More like he’s not comfortable with him. So sad”

Watch video below

weeworldwide wrote: “Wetin he go find there , if he dey find king to shake make he go e village”

sleeksofficial wrote: “That was never a mistake, still finding it hard to understand this, why is he trying to shake him? Does that add any value to his life or money to his account, high time blacks pull up the we don’t care attitude that’s only when blacks will stop been ridiculed and seen as an ape by the .. some of us don’t gaf who you are and that’s how it suppose to be , everyone na king for their lane”

ninilowostore wrote: “It wasn’t a mistake. Shebi na blacks dey over rate them na.”

arewa_babygirl wrote: “People pls don’t start, he is definitely not a racist, it was an oversight”

rrichieasap wrote: “Oh No !! It’s started. This is a big message to those in Uk”

ladyfinneey wrote: “Wetin them go find there? Na their grandmama die? Nonsense”.

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