Peter Obi Is Not Among The Candidate That Have Something To Offer To Nigerians – Waziri Adamu

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A former minister and PDP member, Waziri Adamu, has revealed what he thinks about the candidature of Peter Obi in the forthcoming presidential election of 2023.

According to Waziri Adamu, Peter Obi has nothing to offer in the coming election and as such, he does not add him nor his party (LP) when looking at permutations for the coming election.

Waziri Adamu stated this during his time with Channels TV. According to Waziri, Peter Obi is an effervescence.

He went on to disclose what he meant by Peter Obi being an effervescence. According to Waziri Adamu, Peter Obi’s presidential campaign can be described as a wind that is coming up for a brief period of time and it is going to die down in no distant time.

According to Waziri Adamu, Peter Obi’s urge to become the president of Nigeria will die down because he don’t see him becoming the president of Nigeria.

Waziri Adamu went on to say that he does not see Peter Obi as a serious candidate that PDP should worry about because the presidential election is going to be based on arithmetical and mathematical permutations.

Waziri Adamu noted that if you look at the 2023 presidential election from mathematical and arithmetical permutations, you will find out that Peter Obi has no real chance and as such, his presence should not worry anyone.

When Waziri Adamu was asked of what he thinks about Peter Obi and Kwankwaso coming together to join forces, he responded by saying that there is no need for them to join together either.

Waziri Adamu stated that if there was a need for Peter Obi and Kwankwaso to join forces, they would have done that without moving to NNPP or LP.

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