PDP’s Deputy Director, Media & Publicity  (Ukpo) Applauds Arthur Eze’s Over Statement Concerning Peter Obi

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27th December, 2022

Arthur Eze and other prominent Igbo leaders rejection of Peter Obi’s jaundiced ambition, bold, courageous, and timely.

Prince Arthur Eze’s open endorsement for Atiku Abubakar, GCON, and rejection of Peter Obi’s jaundiced presidential enterprise is a clear indication that the Obi aspirations is now a mockery and a journey to nowhere.

Whatever remains of Mr. Peter Obi and his social club’s ego ambition has been destroyed and dismantled by the declaration of the oil and gas tycoon and philanthropist; it is now clear that Mr. Peter Obi’s desire does not have the support of notable Igbos and leaders as often claimed.

The Ukpo, in Anambra State-born royal prince, elder statesman, and pan-Nigerian, has joined Governor Charles Soludo, CFR, and other leaders of Igbo extraction in distancing themselves from the comedy ambition of the Labour Party candidate and his stereotype of being an Igbo candidate.

While we applaud Prince Eze for being brave and speaking the truth when it was most needed, it is also undeniable that Ndi-Igbo are not politically headed for disaster and that we still have leaders who are willing to use their wealth of experience, discernment, and bravery to defend the region’s interests against widespread prejudice.

Peter Obi cannot assert to know more about Nigerian politics than Prince Eze, Soludo, and numerous others who have persisted in advising him against running for president in 2023 because doing so would endanger Igbo political survival in Nigeria and would prevent the region from forming the necessary alliance with other geopolitical regions of the nation for an Igbo presidency.

In many societies, when individuals like the prince of Ukpo speak, everyone eventually listens and heeds their advice, given his awareness of history, familiarity with politics, and comprehension of the complexities of the Nation; these virtues shouldn’t be lacking in our own society.

The window is yet open for Peter Obi to rescind his ego ambition and join in the negotiations for a bankable future for Ndi-Igbo and the project to recover and rescue Nigeria.

Elections are not decided on the altar of sentiment and emotions, and given the current state of affairs, Obi is playing with the emotions of our people rather than realizing that he lacks the architecture, people, and resources necessary to even finish second, let alone win.

With Arthur Eze’s endorsement of Atiku Abubakar, GCON, we are now certain that Anambra State will collapse for the PDP Presidential candidate and ensure maximum victory for the Atiku-Okowa ticket, which would help to recover Nigeria and ensure a better place for Ndi-Igbo in the leadership of the country.

The Atiku-Okowa Management Committee in Anambra State, which is headed by Professor Obiora Okonkwo, OFR, has persisted in making sure that nothing is overlooked for the Atiku-Okowa ticket’s victory in the state. Okonkwo has also praised Prince Arthur Eze for his leadership and for being a deserving representative of ndi-Igbo.


Uloka Chukwubuikem

Deputy Director, Media & Publicity

Atiku-Okowa Campaign Anambra State.

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