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By Don Peter Okoro.

The Young Progressives Party (YPP), Candidate for Nnewi North into the Anambra State House of Assembly in the forthcoming election,Sir Augustine Ike Ikedoji has superlatively called on the people of the Anambra South Senatorial District to come out enmass and cast their votes for the incumbent Senator, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on the 25th of February 2023. Speaking to bellnewsonline.com at the venue of the Light Up Anambra South inside the premises of DCC Nkwo Nnewi Anambra State yesterday, Sir Ikedoji stated that:”We are urging them to come out enmass to cast their votes for Distinguished Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on the 25th of February 2023, they should not miss it for anything. Instead of you to be confused on who to vote for,vote for YPP all through, but our Central Message is that make sure you vote for Senator Ifeanyi Ubah on the 25th of February 2023.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is our own phone call away from the Presidency, he is our own immediate gain and the only person we have now. Going forward,by the 11th of March 2023,I am expecting them to vote Sir Augustine Ike Ikedoji, my humble self, for the Anambra State House of Assembly; because we are very passionate about what we are doing.

We are not doing it because there is an election,we are doing it because that is what we like doing. We are doing it, not for our own good, but for the good of everyone else.

What we are doing is collective representation. That is why I am telling Ndi Nnewi that for the first time, we are going to have a Legislator who is going to be living in Nnewi and be going to work from Nnewi.

We are Local, we are domiciled, we are not going anywhere, here is our barracks. We are the ones that are close to the people. We are the ones to interact with the people, we are the ones already interacting, still interacting with the people and continue to interact with the people. You cannot have a good material and still be looking for someone else. Of all the people contesting this election,I have two Diplomas and four Degrees and I’m a Lecturer in the University. They should try and cross check other people contesting this election and see what they have to offer and how prepared they are before making their choice.

They will find out that they have no choice, they are left with only one choice and that choice is: Sir Augustine Ike Ikedoji for the good of Nnewi.” Speaking on the empowement program that brought the crowd together, he said:” We are here for a simple exercise today.

Lighting up Anambra South. As you can see, we have intention to put street light in all the strategic places in Anambra South. This project is costing over #100 million just for Nnewi North alone.

What we are bringing to Nnewi North and Anambra South is practical politics and practical representations. We are not into story telling. We are just test running,we have not started. Thank you.”

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