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By Don Peter Okoro.

The Zonal Chairman of Young Progressives Party(YPP) Anambra South, Hon. Ikunna Kenneth Ifeanyi has posited that the Incumbent Senator,Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is gunning for a second term tenure has no rival in the forthcoming election. He made this known yesterday at DCC Nkwo Nnewi, venue of the Empowement Program of the Senator. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hon. Ikunna was asked about the fears and obstacles confronting the Senator in the oncoming election, he replied:”Honestly I don’t see any fears. Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is the only one campaigning openly in Anambra State despite the threats he has had on his life; yet he did not run into his shadows.


He did not say because he has been threatened, he will now use that as an excuse not to come out. He came out and has been the only one campaigning since the flagoff of campaign activities.

He has been letting people to know that he is still the good representative and good leader that the people needs. The people are convinced, so there is no fear. If there was to be any fear, it could have been when he was attacked, but even after the attack,he still came out stronger to let the people know that he is still solidly behind them and that he is still coming out to represent them fully.

I can confidently tell you that as far as this forthcoming Anambra South Senatorial Election is concerned, Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has no rival.”. On what is happening in DCC Nkwo Nnewi, he answered:”Our Distinguished Senator is commissioning Solar Lights to Secure the Lives and Properties of Anambra South. The 7 LGAs of Anambra South will be having the Solar Lights and each LGA will be having 50 Solar Lights per Ward in the various LGAs. The Senator is not just doing this because election is at hand.

This is the kind of person that he is and has always been. It’s always good to be good. He is the only Senator who has gone to the Red Chamber and let the people of Anambra South to know that truly there are what is called Constituency Projects. He has been doing it. He has handled many Critical Projects in Anambra South and they are verifiable. He is the only person that has come and to prove that they have to be properly represented at the Red Chamber. Recently there was a Bill that has gone through Second Reading concerning the establishment of the Federal Medical Centre at Uli. It will soon be signed into Law. This is a thing of joy.

He is the People’s Senator. The Senator has stood firm to let the people know that their voices will be heard at the Red Chamber. It is a great thing that he has decided that he still want to represent the people.”. On his advice to the people of Anambra South, he responded: “My advice to the people of Anambra South, who from all indications have seen the light and known the truth is for them to cast their votes wisely. The truth is that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah needs a second term. I’m calling on the people of of Anambra South to come out enmass and cast their votes for the right person which is Crystal Clear to everybody, so that he can continue with the good work he has been doing. He just went for the first time and under 3 years he has done over 60 major projects, what do you think will happen if he goes a second time. It’s clear that if he goes a second time, the sky will not just be the limit, but the starting point and Anambra South will continue to experience automatic and exponential transformation.” Praying for the Senator, Hon. Ikunna Ifeanyi offered:” I pray that God in His infinite mercies, keep on protecting him and guiding him. That God will bestow on him more wisdom as He gave to Solomon, so that he will continue to lead the people of Anambra South, because Anambra South is a place to be.

In fact, the 7 LGAs are all Top Notch. My prayer is that the good Lord will continue to grant him wisdom, grace and above all security. For God to secure him and keep him alive for us, so that his good works in Anambra State and beyond will continue to go on. So that we, the people of Anambra South will continue to enjoy the dividends of democracy. Thank you.”

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