Nigeria and Next Election : Prince Onwa Nwafor Orizu Speaks on 2023 Election.

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What has to change in Nigeria is the system not individuals! Nobody is capable of changing Nigeria that is dominated by the petty bourgeois.

Their capabilities and methodologies is unbeatable! None of the candidates have actually addressed this core issue but rather they are dwelling on rhetorics of old order, playing on the sentiments of religion, tribe, and making promises that cannot be actualized.

Even when every eligible person in the country registers to vote, it can only enthrone another group of bourgeoisie that will operate within the failed system.

Until we address the issues of our lost values, failed system nothing significant will come out of this coming election. I’m not an agent of doom but I’m a realist.

We have passed through this electoral processes in the past, thinking that our problem is the personnel we choose, no it’s not rather we failed to address the niggling problem of failed system.

How can any President revitalize Ajeokuta steel industry, power, and other infrastructures in Nigeria with failed and mercantalized National Assembly?, compromised Judiciary? Weak police force? Unfortunate civil service full of vampires? Petty bourgeois using all manner of tactics to preserve their hold on the resources of this country? Religious bodies preaching riches without work? Citizens that understand one language money?

Let’s engage the candidates now on their take on changing the failed system and lost values. It will enable us use our votes wisely and productively. This is the only way the desired change will come.

Onwa Nwafor Orizu

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