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By Don Peter Okoro.

The Management of the wave making Moonshine Residence Uru Umudim Nnewi, Anambra State Nigeria, has inaugurated and kick-started a novel Football Game.

The Beach Football Tournament. This Football Game is a little bit different from the Regular Football game in the sense that the play field is made up of Beach Sand imported for that purpose and the playground is comparatively smaller.

According to the rules of the Beach Football, there is no Throwing, no Corner Kick, or Offside. So far, 8 Teams are in the race.

They include: INNOSON, AFRO ASIA, OTC,MONIEPOINT, CUTIX, TUMMY TUMMY, MOONSHINE, and AZ. The schedule of the matches are as follows; Day1. Innoson Vs AfroAsia,OTC Vs Moniepoint.

Date: 21st May 2023. Match Day 2. Cutix Plc Vs Tummy Tummy, Moonshine Vs AZ, Date:27th May 2023. Match Day 3: Moniepoint Vs Innoson, OTC Vs AfroAsia, 28th May 2023. Match Day 4. Tummy Tummy Vs Moonshine Vs AZ Vs Cutix Plc, 3rd June 2023. Match 5. Innoson Vs OTC, AfroAsia Vs Moniepoint,4th June 2023 Match 6.Moonshine Vs Cutix Plc, Tummy Tummy Vs AZ, 11th June 2023.

The Final Group Leaders of A&B Respectively will meet in the Final. The Match of the Tournament took off yesterday, Sunday, the 21st of May 2023 with the following scores: Innoson 7, AfroAsia 3 And Moniepoint 14

OTC 4. It was a very exciting experience as the players proved the stuffs they were made of. In a brief chat with the Crown Prince of Nnewi Kingdom,Prince Obi Orizu, who was the Special Guest of Honour, he said:”

The Event is the first of its kind in this part of the world; not that the Beach Football is a new thing, but down here, this is the first time it’s happening. We are happy and grateful, first of all to God for making this day a worthwhile day.

We are also grateful to the Moonshine Group for this innovation of the Residency and the Beach Football. We pray that God will continue to guide him as the Proprietor, and every other person behind him.

First thing is to establish a business and another is for the business to flourish. We pray that this business will flourish, because we are in the know that when something good comes out of any Investment, the person will be encouraged to do more.”

Also speaking, the former Deputy Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly,Rt. Hon. Engr. Chukwudi Orizu stated thus:”First of all,I want to thank the Initiator of this Event, it is a very good move in the right direction. In every town,we need this kind of Event.

It makes the people busy and also make them to have where go for sight seeing and leisure. This one is a very good one and it’s the first one we are having in this town of Nnewi.

I believe this will encourage a lot of people to come and invest in Nnewi.” In his contribution, a former Anambra State Commissioner for Youths, Sports and Culture and later Commissioner for Education, Hon.Dr. Ezeakaku Emmanuel Nsoedo, who is also a Club Member of the Moonshine Residence, has this to say:”It’s so beautiful and it’s going to add to the quality of lives.

Each time individuals get together to excercise or play competitive games, it enhances the quality of lives. In this situation, we have a unique pitch which is supposed to be a Beach, but in this case, it is imported at a great expense and set up to serve the Constituency here, so, it’s quite impressive.

I thank the Visioner, Prof. Victor Madubuko, the Management and the Individuals that thought it wise to bring this type of Investment and Recreational outfit down to Nnewi, so that Nnewi will be great, not just a business environment, but a place where people can have a good time.” Mrs. Offodile Praise Chidinma is the Operations Manager of Moonshine Residence and Executive Assistant, Moonshine Contractors.

She is a very amiable, pleasant looking and soft spoken lady with a touch of class in her demeanor. She also made her comments known:”The Event will last for one month, every Saturday and Sunday and the final will come out of the Team that will emerge from the two Groups.”

On what the Winning Team should expect to get, she replied:”The Winning Team will get a Trophy and #100,000 Cash and others will also get Prizes and Awards like the Best Behaved Team, the Highest Goal Scorer, the Best Team and so on..

” In conclusion, the Sports Project Director,a former National Football Star who was with Gabros and Rangers International,Mr. Raphael Emeka aka Sarafi was asked on the dexterity of the players and he replied:”

You know this is something Novel. It is a function of the Regular Football. It may be difficult at this initial stage, but we know that with time,as they come to practice here and do a lot of things, they will understand it. As they were playing, a lot of them were trying to get themselves substituted, because it is really energy sapping and not just that, the Rules are quite different from what you have in the Regular Football.” In an it was a great experience and attendees were quite happy with the performance and this is one Event that will create Great Awareness for the Residence and make the place very popular for more patronage.

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