Mike Orihedịmma— The First Man to Start Igbo Movies in the whole world.

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His real name is Solomon Eze. Popularly known as Mike Orihedịmma.

Popular Nollywood stars such as John Okafọ—Mr Ibu, Ngọzi Ezeọnụ, Stephen Alajemba (Ụwaezuoke), etc came into movie life through him.

Mike Orihedịmma started in the 70s. He was a friend with Oliver De Coque. According to him in his interview with Ugwumba TV, he said while Oliver was playing guitar and ekpiri, he was playing mouth organ.

Oliver would finally got sponsored in 1975 and release his album, expo 76. He too went in search of sponsor and couldn’t get any even though he had recorded songs and produced them in cassettes.

He noticed that it would make sense if films were produced in Igbo. He had watched Indian movies, French movies and decided to replicate Igbo films.

Then, there was nothing like Nollywood. A few television series like Zeburudaya, Ichoku, Ifesinachi were showing on NTA and were popular in the 70s. Things Fall Apart would later showed up in 1980s where Pete Edochie acted as Okonkwọ.

Mike Orihedịmma gathered a lot of people. He was looking for sponsors but couldn’t get any. He started a program called “Ka Ụwa Si Aga”

He started from radio. But said he want his face to be known. NTA was promising him. ABS started then, they were promising him. None gave him platform. Come today and come tomorrow. He started producing films in cassette.

From “Ka Ụwa Si Aga”, he started “Okpuru Anyanwụ.”

Ngọzi Ezeọnụ was into makeup then. Mike Orihedịmma brought her into her first ever film. Mr. Ibu started through Mike Orihedịmma.

Ụwaezuoke was taken to Mike Orihedịmma by a man he often changed his clothes in his shop who saw him as a talented man.

Mike Orihedịmma made many actors and actresses. He produced Nwaude Nwakpụda.

The Igbo films we know today started through him.

The first film he produced is called “Ọtaakị.”

Maazị Mpịrịmpị was popular TV series in the 80s as well.

His name was very popular in the 70s and 80s as well as 90s.

Mike Orihedịmma became a popular name.

He hailed from Ihitenansa, Imo State. 

He is late now.


He made English films as well.


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