Meet The Woman Who Created The Village Where Men Are Not Allowed To Enter, See Why It Was Created

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Woman  God created men and women to live together in peace in this World, that is why most people find it hard to believe that there is a Village where men are not allowed to enter.

The Village we are talking about is none other than Umoja which is located in a great African Country called Kenya.

This beautiful Village called Umoja which means Unity is situated in Samburu in Northern Kenya.

According to reports, this Village was created for women alone by a woman named Rebecca Lolosoli.

Rebecca who was born in the year 1962 in Wamba created Umoja Village in the year 1990 and the people have been living in peace but the only thing different about this Village is that men are banned from entering it.

Why The Village Was Created

When Rebecca was interviewed several years ago, she claimed that she and fourteen other women who suffered abusive marriages, tortures and many more created the Village from abandoned Land.

She said the reason why they created the Village is because they wanted freedom and the only way they can achieve that is to go to a place that is free from men so they decided to create a Village where only women can live in.

According to reports, Rebecca and the other women went through a lot after they created the Village, they said that they were mocked and attacked by jealous men who tried to bring down their Village but they didn’t give up and today their Village is a recognized Village in Kenya.

Later on, other women who also suffered torture, female child abuse or abusive marriages went to live in the Village and this increased the number of women in the Village.

Later on, The women appointed female Leaders and built Thorn fence to protect the Village. They also established a mini school where their kids can learn.

Most of the women in the Village make a living by selling homemade jewelry. Most of them have learnt how to do hard jobs such as building of huts and other stuffs that are meant for men.

The women are allowed to date men from Neighboring Communities but the men cannot enter the Village.

When they get pregnant, their children can live in the Village but the Male must leave the Village once they are eighteen years of age.

Even though Umoja Village was created by few women, the Village has become home to several women from different Countries.

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