Makeup Habits that are Bad for your Skin as a Lady

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Most if not every lady apply makeup, whether it is light or heavy. Most of them succeed in keeping a smooth, healthy face even though they wear makeup daily while others have to battle to keep their skin smooth due to their bad makeup habits.

If you are one of the ladies whose been having bad reactions related to your makeup routine, read on to find out why this is so.

According to Healthline, here are reasons why your skin is always having problems when you wear makeup.

1. Going to Bed Without Washing off your Makeup:

Never go to bed with your makeup on no matter how tired you are. After a stressful day, it’s easy to forget that you still have your makeup intact and then go off to bed.

Of course if this becomes your habit, you will be shocked at the outcome of your skin in days.

2. Buying Less Quality Face Powders:

Most women love cheap things but before going for those least expensive powder, find out if it is relatable or the type that is good for your skin.

You should be aware of the numerous health issues you are exposing your self to while getting those low – quality powders.

3. Using Unclean Brushes to Apply Makeup:

This is also one of the important bad makeup habits you need to stop. If the remainder of yesterday’s glam are still on that brush, do not use it without washing it off because having been contaminated with bacteria could lead to breakouts.

4. Use of Dirty Makeup Sponges:

Using dirty makeup sponges can also cause breakouts on the face. You can soak these in warm water for 24 hours so that they can be disinfected and ready for use again.

5. Touching or Poking your Face while Wearing Makeup:

Instead of using your hands to smear your makeup and introduce bacteria to your skin, you ought to get a small kerchief and dab your face. That is safer and healthier.

If you are able to avoid all of these practices, your makeup will indeed add to your skin glow and beauty instead of being a liable to your skin.

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