10 useful tips during this rainy season

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Rainy Season: There are so many things associated with rainfall ranging from slippery road,water logged environment, cold and so many others. In order for one to be healthy and stay safe during this period, you are to carry out the following tips;

1). Keep your home clean:

You must ensure to carryout a thorough cleaning of your house.

Keep your surroundings neat and dry because our environment are mostly water logged during rainy season which in turn results to stagnant water, which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Make sure your furniture, doors and windows are well cleaned, the floor should always be mopped dry.

2). Wash your hands regularly:

Washing of hands is not something new to us, most especially during this covid 19 pandemic.

But it is still very essential to wash our hands with soap and water during this wet season so as to prevent the spreading of most air and water borne disease.

3). Avoid people that are sick:

Sickness is something that is very common during the rainy season.

We are not staying you are to totally abandon those who are sick, but rather what we are saying is that you should avoid conversation and contacts with those who are sick in other to stay healthy and also avoid spreading the infection.

If you must shake a sick person then endeavor to wash your hands using soap and water.

4). Eat a lot of vegetables:

As part of staying healthy and fit during this period is to eat vegetables like water leaf,ugwu,spinach.

Ensure that the vegetables are properly washed and boiled for stronger immune system.

5). Avoid getting soaked in rain:

We should try as much as possible to avoid been soaked in rain because it can easily damage your health, gives your sore throat,cold,runny nose.

You should ensure you always use the umbrella once its raining. And if by peradventure,you got soak then take a hot bath immediately.

6). Avoid entering an AC room when you are wet:

If you get soaked in rain,try as much as possible to avoid an air conditioned room because it can cause fever,cold and cough. Ensure you get completely dried before entering an AC room.

7). Exercise frequently:

Exercising everyday would make you keep fit and healthy. Try to carry out simple indoor exercises such as push ups, squats, e . t .c .

8) Get good amount of sleep:

Few hours of sleep wouldn’t help you,it will only make you weak and tired. In other not to attract a flu.

Getting enough sleep makes you wake up feeling fresh, physically and mentally active.

Studies have shown that people who sleep less than seven hours a day are three times more open to catching flu.

9). Drive slowly:

When the rain is falling, the roads are marshy and slippery,visibility is less,its not an ideal time for a driver to drive fast,race or overtake.

The established road safety tips during rainy season is that drivers should drive slowly to enable them see where they are going clearly and not to endanger the lives of other road users.

10). Avoid accumulation of water around your home:

Water accumulation around our homes is very common during rainy season.

During this time,we see tires,bottles,cans lying around our surroundings and by so doing turns into a breeding place for mosquitoes. So we should try as much as possible to dispose such things.

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