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By Don Peter Okoro.

The much anticipated AMAZING CHILD Competition has come and gone and a Winner has emerged for the year 2023. She is Miss Isioma Charisma Asomugha, with 75 Points a 14 years old student of Harvesters International Schools Umuanuka Otolo-Nnewi Anambra State. The 1st RunnerUp is Miss Charis Obi, from St. Michaels Schools with 63 points and Miss Amara Nweke with 43 points also from Harvesters International Schools who is the 2nd RunnerUp.The Event which is done Annually is put together by Future Heritage Ventures Ltd.

The AMAZING CHILD Contest is geared towards discovering, developing and deploying the gifts and talents of Children and channeling them to positively affect the society. It is also an occasion to appreciate society’s Icons who have positively affected the lives of young people. Speaking to Pressmen shortly after the Show, the Winner, Miss Isioma Charisma Asomugha, when asked about her feelings said:”I feel very happy and emotional and I give all the thanks to God Almighty and my family who have been my greatest support.” Asked if she expected to win, she answered:”I have always had confidence in myself and in whatever I’m doing.

So, I’ll say I actually expected to win, because I know I have something to offer.” On her advice to young people who want to succeed like her, she said:”They should have that confidence within them. That whatever it may be,they should give it the best shot. If I can do it, they too can do it.” Also speaking, the 1st RunnerUp, Miss Charis Obi said she feels good and elated coming second, because she came to the Contest with an open mind and wasn’t expecting too much.

On her message to her peers, she offered:”They should never feel discouraged even if the situation feels down, even if all odds are against them. I’m telling all my peers and those coming behind to feel encouraged by the fact that they can stand on the podium and face the crowd”. Lending her voice, the CEO of Future Heritage Ventures Ltd, Evangelist Tonia Onedibe has this to say:”I’m so happy. I expected it to be very wonderful and successful and indeed it is very successful.

I only pray that the people of Nnewi and Anambra in general should pay more attention to the things that have intellectual capacities and values. I’m so happy that everyone that came around is very happy and very surprised that this kind of thing is happening here.

In fact I got a message from someone that I should start preparing for next year because he and his friends are going to sponsor it. So I thank God for His Grace and for this major breakthrough. I call on parents to bring out their children to come and participate in this type of intellectual activity.

All thanks and gratefulness to God.”. It was also an occasion to recognize those Important Personalities that have in one way or the other contributed to the well being and upliftment of Children and Young people.

Those recognized this year were: Omerebere Muoneke, Apostle Godspower Ebowusi, Chinemere Chikwendu, Evang. Dan Okonkwo, Vera Okoli Smith USA, Uche Nduka, Pastor Nkechi JP Ndukwe, Ambassador Barr. Emmanuella Obi,Callista Okoli.

It was a huge success as everyone went back to their different destinations with happiness written all over their faces.

The Master of Ceremony Alhaji Bello of Authority FM kept the audience in a lighter mood with his wisecracks and gestures.

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