Joe Igbokwe Denies Being The One In Viral Domestic Violence Video – Video

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Prince Joe Igbokwe in two separate statements to the press made it clear that he is not the person on the trending video of domestic violence abroad.

Joe Igbokwe who is a principal stakeholder of All Progressive Congress the ruling party in Nigeria and presently in charge of environments in Lagos State and a Prince of Uruagu Nnewi Community in Nnewi Town; Nnewi North LGA of Anambra State told over the phone that not just that he is not the one on the video, but that his wife is from Nnewi and the woman in the video speaks Abia dialect and not Nnewi dialect.

One thing is certain the man in the video do not look like Joe Igbokwe for those who know him closely, just that they appear to share close body type.

The viral video is said to have originated from America just like most Nigerian families abroad, the man was accusing his wife of being unfaithful and infecting him with sexually transmitted diseases. Thoug ish the identity of the man is not yet known, is on close trail to get the true identity of the man in the video.

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