Igbo’s Are Like Children of Israel in Egypt But Have Nothing to Show – Hope Uzodinma

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Governor Hope Uzodinma was speaking at an event held in Imo state and he talked about the Igbos and their quest for leadership, Governor Hope Uzodinma advised that the Igbos should use their potentials to develop their region by repatriating the money made from investments in other regions, he said when this is done it would become easy to take power, he also noted that the Igbos have a future politically but the problem is that they are not speaking with one voice, he then advised the Igbos to identify and submit themselves to a leadership because that is the only way they would get what they want. Read more on what Governor Hope Uzodinma said below.

“Why do we claim to be intellectuals and ideas rule the world and not use it in the south east were we have bunch of intellectuals in our warehouses?, it is because we have suddenly become selfish to everybody, it is because nobody has defined the collective interest of the Ndigbo, we are like the children of Israel, we are now in Egypt and we have nothing to show.

I am this, i am that but where is the result, we need to come out of where we are to go to where we are supposed to be, and how do we do it?, it is by using what we have to get what we want, Ndigbo has a chartered future politically but we are not speaking with one voice, we have not been able to identify and submit ourself to a leadership, there is no how we will get what we want without leadership”.

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