If She Doesn’t Trust You And You Like Her Do These 4 Things To Earn Her Trust

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You told a woman you like her, but she said back off because you don’t have the looks of someone she can trust.

Or maybe your girl said she loves you, but would check where you are and whom you are with every hour and she doesn’t believe the details you tell her, so she spies on you.

However, if you want to gain a woman’s trust, here are 4 things that you can do. They are simple, but not so easy.

However, if they successfully work, you will have a better chance of winning a woman’s heart or securing your relationship. Here they are.

1) Be patient with her

Do not be impatient when trying to get a woman’s trust, especially if it was your fault why you lost it. It takes time to build trust.

Therefore, just be consistent and honest with her all the time. Don’t pressure her to trust you because it would be harder for her.

2) Apologize but don’t make excuses

In case you have done something wrong that could hurt her, be humble by sincerely apologizing and assuring her you regret it.

You explain your side, but avoid making excuses to get away from the situation. Excuses can make you look defensive and guilty.

3) Show that you trust her

Trust begets trust. You cannot demand trust from a woman if you don’t trust her yourself.

That is why you have to make her feel that you completely trust her. Don’t check her phone every time you see her or get jealous of her guy friends easily.

4) Be open to her

You just have to be open because openness is an essential factor in a healthy relationship.

After all, you can honestly tell each other how you feel. It is not good if you cannot trust each other with your thoughts.

If you want your girlfriend to be honest with you, make the first move by opening up your feelings and secrets to her.

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