I Don’t Hate The Igbos, I Even Have a Chieftaincy, Asari Dokubo Reveals How He Got Igbo Chieftaincy Title.

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The prominent activist of the Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Asari Dokubo has taken to his social media handle to narrate how he got chieftaincy titles in Igbo-land to further clarify that he doesn’t have anything against the Igbos.

According to Asari Dokubo from 11 minutes into the video: “People say that I hate the Igbos, why will I hate the Igbos? They said my name is Uzodinma. My great grand mother, Onyiridinya, is an Igbo woman. She gave my father the name, Uzodinma. So I got the name, Uzodinma from him. I have never been ashamed of telling people that I have an Igbo blood flowing in me even if I am an Ijaw man.

“When I grew up, I went to my great grand mother’s place which by origin is Igbo and took my great grand father’s title, Edi-abali and others. I did it because of the Igbo blood in me”.

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