I Have Settled With My Brother Tompolo And I Have Given Him My Blessing – Asari Dokubo

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Former Niger Delta Militant and Ijaw leader, Asari Dokubo has revealed that there is no cause for concern between him and Tompolo, the Niger Delta Militant leader. Dokubo alleged that they have buried the hatchet for the sake of peace in Ijaw land.

Dokubo identified that something greater than both him and Tompolo intervened in the matter, which is the Ijaw Nation. He asserted that their elders told them there is no reason why they should go to war as brothers. According to Dokubo, they respected the standstill order and that very soon, people will see him and Tompolo together on an occasion.

Dokubo said, ”The Ijaw Nation gathered and said there is no need for you people to fight and there is no way the Ijaw nation will speak and I will not accept. I have accepted what the Ijaw nation did and I have settled with my younger brother Tompolo. I have told them to do and do their contract, they have all the peace and my blessings. And very soon you will see me and Tompolo having tete-a-tete together. In Ijaw land, we respect our elders and when they give standing order we follow.’

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