History: How (Igbo Superman) Killiwe Nwachukwu died.

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October 31, 1992, Uzoma Nwaozuzu Nwachukwu died. He was an Igbo Superman. Hailed from Mbaitolu in Imo state. Killiwe was for more than thirty years celebrated as a homegrown Nigerian Superman. Some of his feats of strength included lifting buses, using bare hands to hammer nails, breaking of coconuts on his head, carrying of four to five people on his body, carrying of ten bags of cement on his back, etc. An epitome of strength and muscle he was. Killiwe died of muscle stiffness exactly 30 years ago today in a certain Eastern hospital.

Growing up as the most fearsome and strongest in an Igbo home, beating up your siblings unchallenged; Igbo parents would nickname you killiwe Nwachukwu. “Killiwe, ngwa gbuo ụmụnne gi”, they would say.

May he rest in Power

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