Governor Otti Launches Abia Global Economic Advisory Council

Governor Otti Launches Abia Global Economic Advisory Council

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Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has inaugurated the Abia Global Economic Advisory Council, tasking its members to develop initiatives that concentrate on identifying, capitalizing on, and showcasing the state’s areas of comparative advantage.

During the inauguration event at the Government House, Umuahia, on Thursday, Otti emphasized that the composition of the council, comprised of individuals with diverse expertise, aligns with the state’s vision. This move, according to the Governor, sends a powerful message to potential investors that Abia is positioning itself as a significant economic player.

Governor Otti expressed the government’s ambition to establish Abia as a preferred investment destination for global businesses, citing the establishment of a council of intellectual leaders who will collaborate with the government to translate this vision into reality.

He also highlighted that the council would collaborate with the government and local stakeholders, including chambers of commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture, to bring investment opportunities to the attention of the global community.

Governor Otti expressed confidence that the Council could help the government realize its vision within the next 24 months. He emphasized the broader goal of transforming Abia into a robust enterprise ecosystem, contributing to global and regional markets.

The Governor stated, “We are keen to transform our traditional agro-economy to become a major player in the global agricultural value chain, producing sufficient output to feed the local population and then for export.”

He underscored the potential of Aba, the state’s commercial hub, in areas like shoemaking, fashion design, metal fabrication, woodworks, and mechanical construction. Governor Otti affirmed the commitment to unleashing the hidden and underutilized potential of the people, aiming for prosperity, employment, and various opportunities.

Miss Arunma Oteh, a Co-Chair of the Council, praised the administration for its achievements and described Abia as a land blessed with numerous opportunities. Oteh expressed her dedication to contributing significantly to the state’s socioeconomic growth through the collaborative efforts of the council and the government.

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