Gov. Soludo’s Response to his death Prophecy a Solution; says Ikedoji

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The House of Assembly Candidate under the Young Progressive Party (YPP), for Nnewi North Constituency has taken to his handle to describe Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo’s response to Fr. Ebube Muonso a SOLUTION to pulpit prophesies.

According to him ‘i must thank Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo for the rare wisdom he displayed in responding to the Prophecy of Rev. Fr. Obimma also known as Ebube Muonso.

Prophesies of such nature outside it’s spiritual implication could create mental fear (mentis not timeous) not just to the Executive Governor of Anambra State, but o the citizens of the state.

The imagery was scary and it left our hearts, “wounded, broken and dropping blood”. Politics of who becomes the governor of Anambra State is over and Soludo has won the election.

It’s time for participatory governance and we must contribute our talents towards ensuring he succeeds and not to diminish him psychologically”; says Sir, Augustine Ike-Ikedoji who is also a member of the Ancient and Noble Order of the Knight of Saint John International.

Ikedoji further encouraged the Executive Governor of Anambra State; Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo to remain focused on his good works as he described the Prophecy as “Imperfect Prophecy”.

According to Sir Augustine Ike-Ikedoji, the Catholic Church teaching on Prophecy clearly stated that certain Prophesies could be imperfect, “Writers on mystical theology consider prophecies with reference to the illumination of the mind, to the objects revealed, and to the means by which the knowledge is conveyed to the human mind.

By reason of the illumination of the mind prophecy may be either perfect or imperfect. It is called perfect when not only the thing revealed, but the revelation itself, is made known — that is, when the prophet knows that it is God who speaks.

The prophecy is imperfect when the recipient does not know clearly or sufficiently from whom the revelation proceeds, or whether it is the prophetic or individual spirit that speaks.

This is called the prophetic instinct, wherein it is possible that a man may be deceived, as it happened in the case of Nathan who said to David when he was thinking of building the Temple of God: “Go, do all that is in thy heart, because the Lord is with thee” (2 Samuel 7:3).

But that very night the Lord commanded the Prophet to return to the king and say that the glory of the building of the temple was reserved, not for him, but for his son. ”

Finally, Ikedoji called on not just Ebube Muonso, but other Prophets within the state to carefully ‘study the classical response of Prof. Soludo to the prophecy and consider it a “lineamenta” (working document) going forward to avoid such extreme occurrences in the nearest future in God’s name.

We must communicate our visions with love: especially, as Catholic Christians guided by the Magisterium, Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scriptures” Ikedoji concluded

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