Gist Lover, Awkuzu SARS And DSP Princess Nwode: The Other Side Of The Story.

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On the 11th of January 2023, A tactical joint task force team led by Patrick Agbazue laid siege and arrested Mr Chibuike Ekwueme at Mbosi community in Anambra State.

Intelligence reports intercepted by police headquarters Abuja suggested that the suspect Mr Chibuike Ekwueme has allegedly concluded plans to smuggle rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s) into Anambra state.

The joint task force who made the arrest comprised men of the Nigerian Army, The Nigerian Police Force and Anambra Vigilante Services.

Among the police contingent was a 26 year old cyber security expert named Daniel Nnamdi Emeh.

For record purposes, Daniel is a tracker and IT guy whose job is to help security agents’ track down suspects. He can hack into anything anywhere in the world and has the capacity to write spyware programs that can be installed and controlled remotely.

Daniel Emeh worked as SSA to Governor Willie Obiano on cyber security matters and at the end of the administration, he lobbied his way into the Nigerian police force where he is currently running his NYSC program.

Inside sources revealed that Daniels latest spyware bug can tap into any phone or laptop camera and microphone to acquire both audio and visual command of any remote personal space without detection. In layman’s terms, Daniel has the technological knowhow to enable him tap into anybody’s phone and spy on the person through the phone camera or listen to/record discussions through the phones microphone without detection.

He is very good at what he does and to his credit, our sources admitted that his expertise led to the successful tracking and arrest of many high profile suspects especially in Ukpor/Nnewi axis of Anambra south and the entire Anambra state.

His expertise helped in the arrest of Mr Chibuike Ekwueme and so many others within and outside the state.

It is this high level tech knowledge that enables him stealth access into people’s phones and computers, Emails, bank accounts and social media account etc. His ability to descramble lock codes, bypass security firewalls and gather sensitive materials from remote locations was the reason why he was allowed to work with the past Anambra state Governor and security agents.

At Awkuzu SARS where Daniel worked as SSA to Patrick Agbazue, he was revered for his technical capabilities and accorded regards reserved for senior officers due to his relevance to critical crime fighting and crime prevention missions.

Outside police work, Daniel Nnamdi Emeh spends his free time running an online platform known as GISTLOVER.

He focuses on gathering personal information’s by hacking into the devices of influential people after which he deploys these sensitive personal data into a tool to fleece and blackmail his long list of victims within Nigeria and abroad.

Daniel used his influence in the Obiano administration to secure his NYSC posting to Awkuzu SARS where he served as a senior special assistant on cyber security matters.


During the perimeter search on the house of MR Chibuike Ekwueme during his arrest on the 11th of January, 2023. The security agents of the joint task force reportedly recovered several arms and ammunition within the residence of the suspect.

As the security agents were combing and searching the house, Daniel Nnamdi Emeh tagged along as he was responsible for recovering all IT related exhibits from the raid.

When the search team entered the living room of Chief Chibuike Ekwueme, an insider revealed that Daniel became incensed when he saw a brand new playstation 5 connected to the television at the living room of the suspect.

He attempted to take possession of the PS5 probably as a personal souvenir for himself but was resisted by Patrick Agbazue who ordered him to drop the expensive game console as it was not an exhibit. He instructed him to restrict and limit himself to recovering only phones and laptops as those were gadgets qualified to be labeled as exhibit and will most likely have information that will aid further investigation.

The public nature of the reprimand in front of the other members of the JTF who were on the raid was most likely what incensed and angered Daniel Nnamdi Emeh. He felt humiliated as he later revealed to one of the junior officers who was present during the public reprimand by his boss Patrick.

The source revealed that Daniel felt that his boss should have treated him with some respect and privacy considering the fact that he was highly instrumental to the success of the raid. He felt that Patrick should have allowed him take the game console as personal reward for helping track and arrest the suspect or at least to have spoken to him privately to drop the play station instead of rebuking him openly in front of the other junior officers. His ego was bruised. Our sources reveal that ever since that very incident, Daniel was never the same. He evolved into a totally different person.

When the team came back from the raid, the commissioner of police gifted Daniel N60k in appreciation for helping track and arrest the suspect but that gesture was not enough to assuage or placate Daniels bruised ego.

For the next few days, his countenance and disposition to work changed. He began to show up to work moody and stone faced. He also began to exhibit unusual hostile behaviors towards his boss Patrick and other senior officers within the outfit. At that point, inside sources revealed that nobody knew that Daniel has hatched a sinister plan to get something else worth more than the Playstation game console. Nobody knew that he has also hatched plans to also get back at Patrick for what he felt was a public humiliation and lack of appreciation for his efforts.

Back at the station, inside sources revealed that Daniel discreetly withheld one of the phones recovered from the raid while he was cataloguing the inventory of items recovered from Mr Chibuke Ekwueme’s House. He was alleged to conceal and successfully smuggle the phone out of the police command the same day and nobody suspected a thing until few days later.


On the 14th of January 2023, Three days after the raid at Mbosi community and the arrest of Chibuike Ekwueme, A lawyer identified only As Barr. Nweke walked into the premises of Zone 13 police command Ukpo and demanded to speak with the PPRO SPO Princess Nkiru Nwode.

During the meeting, the lawyer identified himself as legal representative of Mr Chibuike

Ekwueme who was arrested three days earlier. The lawyer informed SP Princess Nkiru Nwode that a huge sum of money (over N120million) has been removed from the suspects account while he was on police custody.

A bewilded SP Princess Nkiru Nwode swung into action immediately and personally led a contingent of senior police officers from the intelligence and investigation unit of zone 13 and they headed to Awkuzu SARS when she instantly ordered an internal investigation.

Things began to unravel when Daniel Nnamdi Emeh failed to show up for briefing when Princess and her team arrived at Awkuzu SARS to launch the inquiry.

Every other officer involved in the raid showed up except Daniel, the NYSC tech guy.

All attempt to reach him on phone proved abortive.

At this point, it dawned on Patrick Agbazu and other officers of the command that something has gone seriously wrong.

SP Princess Nkiru Nwode and her team through the intervention of the CP hurriedly secured a court order to enable the bank to release information and data pertaining to the compromised bank account of Chief Chibuike Ekwueme which will enable the investigating team access the details of the movement of the stolen monies and the accounts where the missing funds were transferred to.


Information retrieved from the bank showed that the missing N126million was transferred into the account of one Chief Iloama Oliver. Further background checks revealed that Chief Iloama is the deputy chairman of stock exchange Onitsha.

Princess and her team swung into action immediately, they tracked down Chief Oliver Iloama in an early morning raid at his residence and arrested him. (Chief Oliver Iloama is still in detention as at press time aiding the investigation)

During interrogation, Chief Oliver Iloama told policemen that he gave the stolen money to a certain Onyedika Peter Obiora who is a banker with Sterling Bank Port Harcourt road Onitsha to change the entire sum in to dollars.

Princess and her team did not relent,

On the 18th of January 2023, they tracked down the banker Mr Onyedika Peter Obiora at his work place and arrested him instantly.

During interrogation, the banker revealed that he handed the money to his in-law who is a DSS personnel identified as Chukwudi Paul Okoli. He added that Chukwudi came to his house at Asaba in company of Nnamdi Daniel Emeh and picked up the money (now in dollars) about two days earlier and left to an unknown location before his arrest.

SP Princess Nkiru Nwode informed force head quarters Abuja of the development and secured approval to reclassify the matter as an interstate/inter agency crime with multiple suspects.

Backed by trackers and intelligence from the headquarters, she and her investigation team tracked down Chukwudi Paul Okoli to DSS office in Edo state but by the time they got to benin, the main suspect, Nnamdi Daniel Emeh has escaped and gone into hiding.

The team did not back down instead they intensified surveillance and intelligence gathering but Daniel Nnamdi Emeh was always one step ahead.

Being an expert in the field, our sources on the inside revealed that Mr Daniel Nnamdi Emeh doesn’t use any registered SIM that can be tracked and when he makes calls to some of his tracked contacts, he made sure he doesn’t stay on air for more than 25 seconds to avoid being tracked.

He also goes to strange location to make these calls so as to mislead the trackers working with Princess and her team. He subsequently destroys any SIM he uses immediately he ends his calls as some of these broken SIM cards has been recovered from his past call locations.

He is currently on the run.


Inside sources revealed that Nnamdi Daniel Emeh has a long record of criminality which was either overlooked or out rightly ignored by the Nigerian police force.

During his days as a business administration student at UNIZIK, he was alleged to have murdered a lecturer at the university where his father Prof Emeh also works. Our sources revealed that the murder incident was part of what led to the termination of his father’s engagement with the university.

Aside using his GISTLOVER platform to blackmail and defraud people during his spare time, Nnamdi Daniel Emeh was recently arrested and detained at the force headquarters Abuja for conspiring with some junior officers to steal N20million from victim.

The victim was a reported to be a personal friend of Nnamdi Daniel Emeh and when he found out that his friend come into some money via internet fraud known in local parlance as Yahoo Yahoo, Nnamdi Daniel Emeh secretly colluded with some of his friend who were alleged to be IRT officers to effect an unlawful arrest of his friend.

His friend never knew that Nnamdi was the brain behind his travails as he worked from behind the scenes. The officers allegedly confiscated the victim’s phone which they secretly handed over to Nnamdi Daniel Emeh, who successfully moved N20million from the account.

Nnamdi Daniel Emeh successfully diverted N14Million and gave his 6 accomplices N1million each claiming that the account had only 7 million.

Sources close to him told our reporter that he spent a large sum of the N14million loot on procuring high tech security devices and software’s to enable him remain untraceable and untrackable as many of his high profile victims who he blackmailed with his GISTLOVER platform were trying to fish him out.

Trouble started when the victim who managed to start a friendship with one of the officers while in detention revealed to the officer after his release that he lost N20million from his account instead of the N7million which Nnamdi Daniel Emeh claimed he got.

The officers went livid and confronted Nnamdi Daniel Emeh and that confrontation led to a fight that exposed the cartel.

They were all arrested and taken to force headquarters Abuja for questioning and interrogation and till date no one knows how and why Nnamdi Daniel Emeh was released and why he wasn’t sanctioned instead he found his way back into Anambra stste government as an SSA To Obiano from where he made his way back into the police formation.


Nnamdi Daniel Emeh (now a fugitive) has been declared wanted by the Nigerian police. He has gone underground and has since been deploying various tactics to harass, taunt and threaten SP Princess Nkiru Nwode, Patrick Agbazu and other officers who have been on his trail since his ran away after executing the N126million heist on Chief Chibuike Ekwueme’s account.

In one of his voice messages to one of the junior officers who was close to him before he absconded, he threatened to mess Princess Nwode and Patrick Agbazue up. He bragged that he had the capacity to use the media to derail the investigation and slow down the hunt until the trail gets cold.

Unfortunately, he seems to have partially accomplished that threat.

In one of the recorded voice message made available to our reporter, Nnamdi Daniel Emeh bragged that he is in “ghost mode” and totally untraceable. He claimed that he can only be found if he wants to be found but without that, anybody trailing him is going on a wild goose chase as he will always be one step ahead as he has the capacity to track every movement made by his trackers.

The inside source revealed that Nnamdi Daniel Emeh allegedly bragged that he will keep Princess Nkiru Nwode and Patrick Agbazue busy with his online platform since they have free time to spend hunting him instead of going after real criminals.

He accused the duo of refusing to allow him to “enjoy his sweat” and “eat the fruit of his labour in peace”.


Nnamdi Daniel Emeh’s grudge against Princess Nkiru Nwode is most likely related to her alleged role as investigating officer in his previous arrest relating to the N20million theft and her current role in investigating his present robbery involving the N126million stolen from the account of Chief Chibuike Ekwueme.

For his boss, Patrick, Nnamdi Daniel Emeh reportedly bragged to some junior officers close to him that he will deal with Patrick decisively and make sure he is sacked for disrespecting and humiliating him publicly at Mbosi over an ordinary play station game in-front of junior officers and men of the JTF.

He is alleged to insist that suspect money is not police property and therefore the police has no right to question him or investigate him over monies which he claimed were proceeds of crime and therefore belongs to “nobody”.

He further allegedly claimed that without him that the police wouldn’t have recovered the money or arrested the suspect and therefore it was better that he took the money for himself instead of allowing it to be used to import RPG into the state.


While we wait for the official report of the police investigation panel set up by the IG, The leadership of the various security agencies passively and actively involved in this scandal has some questions that need to be addressed publicly in order to restore and reinforce the dwindling confidence of the public on our security agencies

1. How did Nnamdi Daniel Emeh manage to have access to the numerous unregistered but functional SIM cards on various network services which he is using to communicate and evade arrest since there is an embargo on the use of unregistered SIM cards by the NCC?

2. Why was Nnamdi Daniel Emeh released by the Nigerian Police and allowed to continued access to police formations after he was arrested and detained for his involvement in the previous N20million heist

3. Is the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters unaware that ordering SP Nkiru Princess Nwode And Patrick Agbazue to halt investigations and show up at Abuja to answer question over allegations cooked up by Nnamdi Daniel Emeh through his Gistlover platform has probably offered the suspect ample time to possibly flee the country considering the fact that the suspect has changed his loot into foreign currency (Dollars).

4. Why is the DSS silent over the alleged complicity of one of their men in the alleged criminal activities of Nnamdi Daniel Emeh?

5. Why is the NYSC silent on the alleged criminal activities of Nnamdi Daniel Emeh in the course of his service year?

Answering these few questions will definitely go a long way in addressing the rot in our system.

Attached are pictorial evidence from the heist

February 2023

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