Four Ways To Attract A Lady Without Saying A Word

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Most attraction between two people happens way before a single word is spoken.

That’s right, there are a variety of techniques to catch her attention or notice you.

There are four key moves that truly address the question of how to attract women without talking.

Appearing Good

Most men fascinate ladies merely by looking their best. Women, it goes without saying, are easily enticed by what they see.

As a man, you should be aware that as you get dressed and present yourself in a pleasant manner, women are drawn to you.

Sense of Humor

The majority of men are attracted to women by their ability to amuse them. Girls are often drawn to men who have the ability to make them happy.

Money, in most situations, is ineffective in fixing this problem. If you have a good sense of humor, this is the most practical method to accomplish it.

A woman’s affection for someone who makes her laugh with amusing remarks will grow quickly.


Taking great care of your mother Men have been known to attract ladies by exhibiting love for their mothers on rare occasions.

Men who look after their mothers are easily tempted by the majority of women.

Some women believe that if a man can take care of his mother, he can also take care of her.


If he’s always smiling. It’s a positive indicator. In most cases, women prefer men who aren’t too tight, which is why they are wary of guys who are very critical or have difficulty laughing.

It’s always a good idea to put a smile on your face. If you have dimples, you should do it all the time, it makes you look good

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