Forgive Those Terrorists Who Killed Your Parents – Obasanjo to Borno Orphans

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has charged children of an orphanage school in Maiduguri, Borno State, to prioritise their education saying that the best thing they can get in life is education.

Obasanjo who stated this on Friday when he visited Future Prowess Islamic School, where hundreds of children and victims of Boko Haram terrorists are enrolled.

He said, “I was here three years ago and a lot of progress has been made in the school and one very good thing is that you are now known all over the world. Some of you are orphans and you’re no longer orphans once you are here.

The majority of you have no fathers, you’re no longer fatherless when you are here. You’re no longer motherless when you are here.

“The best thing you can get is education, the best thing you can get in life is education and without education you are nothing, with education you’re everything.

I will come back on wednesday when I come back I will stay longer with you but right now I am going to University of Maiduguri, I hope sooner or later some of you will be there and will see you there. ”

One of the orphans in the school, 16-year-old Mustapha Bukar, welcomed Obasanjo with a touching story, recalling how terrorists killed his parents in his presence.

He recalled, “Sir It gives me rear opportunity to stand before you today. Once upon a time, I was a seven-year-old child in Bama town.

It was an early morning of Monday after we finished our morning prayers. Suddenly we heard gunshots and my father and all of us rushed to his room.

“We thought it was soldiers and a few minutes later, some strangers entered our house with guns and told my parents to stay back and asked us to go out. As we were about to leave, we heard gunshots. As we turned back, they had killed both my father and mother.”

Amid tears, Bukar said his story was an example of one of the henious crime committed against children and humanity in Borno.

He added, “It is painful part of past that made our story and I have several victims like Umar, Makinta and Ibrahim, despite the fact that we are from different backgrounds. Our bound and survival made us strong in Future Prowess.”

Responding, Obasanjo said, he was touched by Bukar’s “horrible experience” but reassured her that the school would bring her succour.

“You already have a father in this school and I want to assure you that I have supported this institution all the time, I will continue to stand to support this institution and your life will be fruitful.

“What you should remember is that those who came and killed your father and mother for whatever reason they have done the worst they think they can do to you but please forgive them. Forgive them and God will do the best for you,” Obasanjo told Bukar.

In his remark, founder of the school, Barrister Zanna Mustapha, thanked Obasanjo for his regular visit and support to the school which had inspired many prominent personalities to support the school.

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